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Sell Your Number Plate

Deal directly with buyers, no Commission, no Relisting, no Hassle!

Be seen by thousands of people searching for their perfect number plate

We are continuously investing in advanced SEO (search engine optimisation) and combining this with the way our website and adverts are constructed, ensures that every day more and more visitors are reaching to buy their perfect number plate.

Ensure your number plate is seen and sold by placing an advert today.

Why sell your plate with us?

  • Fast, efficient service from experienced personnel
  • Sell number plates online with no commission
  • No hidden charges - interact directly with buyers and keep100% of the selling price
  • Cost effective compared to alternative selling options as no monthly ebay insertion fees 10% final value fees, and, on average, number plate dealers take 30% commission
  • Free number plate valuation certificate with every premium advert to ensure you receive the true value of your number plate
  • We will advertise and promote your advert through various methods until it sells
  • No ongoing renewal/relisting charges, No hassle - just adverts
  • Keyword search technology ensures your number plate is easier to find for buyers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much commission is deducted from the sale of my number plate?

    0%, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING...that’s right we do not deduct a single penny from the sale of your number plate. After you have placed an advert, people interested in purchasing your number plate will contact you directly by any method you choose i.e. phone, email or our private message service. This allows you to agree the selling price for your number plate.

  • What happens when i have found a buyer?

    Once you have agreed a price to sell your number plate, it is necessary to complete DVLA documentation to transfer the registration mark. If the buyer is local you could conveniently exchange paperwork in person, however if this is not possible we offer the Rapid Transfer Service to securely accept funds from the buyer, ensure the relevant DVLA documentation is correct and subsequently transfer the funds to the seller once the transfer has been completed.

  • How much is my number plate worth?

    Accurately pricing your number plate will enable you to receive its true value. For just £9.99 we can provide an individually researched Valuation Certificate with 48 hours ensuring your number plate is priced to sell.